Patterndrawing in the South of France

A pattern drawing workshop in the South of France?

Hell yes! That is now possible! in the period from 01 May to 30 September 2018 you can learn pattern drawing together with at least 3 others and if you take your sewing machine with you, you can also implement your drawn pattern. You can also learn to learn the tricks of the trade, slit pockets, blind zipper etc. Everything for a PERFEKT garment

Where are you going? 

The holiday residence is located in Salernes which is located in Provence, the Var. I lived there in the period from 2006 to 2009 where I had a beautiful Bastide with my family and where I have been able to receive guests for 3 years .. With these guests I have walked in the area, cycled and drove by car to beautiful spots, where almost no tourists come. But also the famous places, Gorges de Verdon, the sea everything is within reach.

In Salernes I have lost my heart and is my second home. Now I have had the opportunity to buy an authentic house in the old Salernes. I still have to renovate, but it will be ready by May 2018. I would like to introduce you to this village and the surrounding area in this unique way. There are 5 bikes, there is a car of myself and take your own walking shoes. A good mood, possibly your sewing machine (There is a sewing machine available) then it will be a super week. Because of the sun, we start drawing and / or sewing in the morning. The afternoon is then free to do nice things. Of course we can change the planning if we feel like it and everyone agrees.

We make a joint household pot and start cooking food together. Everyone can also decide for themselves to do something themselves. Do you find a week shortage? Then just come a week longer! What are the costs?

Price per person 200 euros for a week with a participation of 4 people. For example, if you want to come with a group of 3 or with 2 then a week is 750 euros. I do not take into account before and after season because there is a lesson program. Transport is private. By car or plane. If you come by plane i can pick you up and drop you off again, costs 40 euros (petrol). The journey time from Marseille or Nice is 1.5 hours. We will clean all of us on departure, so no extra cleaning costs.

I am exited You too? sign up via the contact form and the weeks you are available. Then i can plan this. Soon i will have an agenda so that you can see when there is room. The video i posted shows many images of Salernes, the market, swimmingpool. If you arrive in late june or early July trips to the lavendelfiels are possible.. 

You can contact me at if you have other questions ore if you like to come

Best regards

Jose Veldkamp, Lutterloh representative for Holland and Belgium and for you!



Vieuw from the garden.

Salernes in the Provence

The sundays market in Salernes

Markets in the Provence are very famous and has to be visited!

In all villiges around Salernes during the week are in spring and summer these beautiful markets with the fresh and local food .

The wunderfull natural swimmingpool ( la Muie) in Salernes on 150 meters distance.

What about taking a walk to the waterfalls in Sillans de la Cascade.

Waterbiking in the Gorges du Verdon? Ofcourse!!

The gorges du Verdon are the most spectacular mountains in France. Let's Go! 

The workshops start on 3 May. The weeks run from Friday to Friday :) and end at 27 September. Do you want to go sooner or later, that is possible with a minimum of 3 people.