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Hello dear everyone, 

Pattern drawing, a perfect pattern to measure, that is the first requirement of clothing making, a beautiful homemade garment. patterndrawing you now from the razor blades, Burda, Knip, Victor la maison, simplicity? Then take a look at the lutterloh pattern drawing system! Pattern drawing like you've never done before, so easy and fun! A small pattern, your chest size and hip size, putting points, connecting and ready is your pattern! Then some checks, at least your back length and waist and before you know it you have drawn a beautiful, perfectly fitting pattern. Super! Take a look at this pattern drawing website and enjoy the simple way of drawing patterns. Sewing becomes even more fun this way Do you need help? No problem!! With telephone support, on facebook, the lutterlohacademy forum and the clear instruction films you can also do it!


body measurements

How to draw a backpart pattern

The frontpart of the blouse

How to draw the sleeve


Welcome to the Lutterloh Academy! 

An active website with an online pattern drawing course, blogs, patterndesign news, discussion of the

latest supplements.

Why the Lutterloh Academy?

First back to the year 2009 in which I started as a user of the Lutterloh patterndrawing system.

This after seeing the (old-fashioned) film by Frank Lutterloh in which he explains that you can draw a

suitable pattern based on 2 measurements taken. This by putting points etc. My mouth fell open in surprise

and thought, I'm going to order this !!

So thought, so done, and I received that beautiful book at home with those beautiful illustrations.

This alone made me more enthusiastic. In 2009 I started to tailor and design clothes for

other people. Of course the system came in very handy here ... but .... not for everyone a suitable

pattern with 2 sizes.

And that is of course also very logical, because we are not equal to each other, every person is unique.

The great thing about Lutterloh is that you can draw a pattern very easily (with these 2 sizes)

and in many cases controlling the back length and waist is enough and you can change it if necessary.

This gives 70% of the users a beautiful pattern that really FITS.

The other 30% has, like me, some "pain points" in the body. And how nice is it to know how to change

this in a very easy and logical way in the pattern, then cut out your pattern, sew it and it FITS!

That has made me so enthusiastic that I would like to let everyone in the Netherlands, Belgium

and yes the whole world know how FUN  this pattern drawing system is

Meanwhile there is the "Lutterloh Academy forum" on Facebook with lots of enthusiastic followers,

on www.lutterlohacademy.com the free videos (after free registration) with a lot of explanation

and now the online course and many fun and active items on www.lutterlohacademy.com

Also there are 2 E-books ( english spoken) for the full bust and perfect trouser.

The Lutterloh Academy is a godsend for both groups! The 70% to make the patterns even easier to draw

AND learn pattern reading and thereby learn to sew better. The other 30%,

you can finally make a fitting pattern, and then receive compliments! Who does not

want that now? Have fun with the Lutterlohacademy!

In the Button INSTRUCTIEFILMS you will also find your English spoken patterndrawing video' s by the

Lutterloh patterns.

Lots of pleasure with watching them. If you have questions please contact the button CONTACT.

I will respond as soon as possible !


Creative regards,

Jose Veldkamp.