How to become member

For the site has a dutch home page, i will explain how to become a member ( Abonnee) in 4 simpel steps:

Register yourself with email etc. Then log in Step 2( inloggen)  again and then you see: Je hebt nog geen abonnement. push the button " Abonneren" 

Then step 3 

and choose payment by creditcard or paypal..

1. Register yourself

First register yourself, on the home page right on top you chose " registreren" . You can fill in all your personal things, like adres, hometown(woonplaats) etc and your emailadres. you make a password (paswoord) and you can enter  the instructionfilms and look free at " Algemene info" films.

2. Log in ( inloggen)

Fill in your email and password ( wachtwoord) and push the red button 

" Inloggen" 

3. Make yourself a member (abonnee)

by pushing the green button " Abonneren" 

4. Use the promotion code , YESONLY15EURO

 you see the page: 

Als je beschikt over een promotiecode (speciale actie) kun je deze hieronder invullen. Klik dan op "Promotiecode inwisselen". Daarna kun je onderaan de pagina een betalingskeuze maken. this meens:  If you have a promotion code (special promotion), you can enter it below. Then click on "Redeem promotional code". Then you can make a payment choice at the bottom of the page.

Please fill in your discount code. 

and choose payment by creditcard or paypal.. Immadiately after paying you can access !