The newest Lutterloh patternbook 

If you order the pattern learning book (with toolkit and rulers) you will always receive the latest edition! The pattern learning book consists of 280 new patterns. These are composed of the 7 newest supplements. The book is kept up-to-date by replacing the supplements with the latest editions at least twice a year. The newest book consists of the supplements 300 to 306. You can order this book by your country representative or write me an email or order by

Are you full of weight and would you like only full figure (classic) patterns, then you can request a set via the contact page with 180 full-body patterns, the toolkit and 2 rulers. These 180 patterns are a composition of the full-size editions 31, 32 and 34. This set price is also 122.00 euros.

All the supplement patterns are to be seen at " producten" in the home page

Shipping inside europe is 7 euro' s , in other parts of the world, 50% of real shippingcosts. 

For example, South Africa is 34 euro, you pay 17 euro' s